2023 Internal Medicine Board Review Videos

2023 Internal Medicine Video Board Review Course

Paper syllabus and binder will be sent to you via USPS Priority Mail. Currently this may take up to 7 days to arrive with mailing delays. Please make sure the shipping address is the address you want your syllabus sent to!

DO NOT order the paper syllabus separately. It is an unnecessary charge on your part.  The paper syllabus is already included in the current price. DO NOT ORDER A SEPARATE PAPER SYLLABUS UNLESS YOU WANT 2 COPIES. 

After buying the videos an email will be sent to you detailing how to access the videos. Emails are usually only sent out during regular business hours M-F 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time. We do check orders often and commonly we will send out the email during weekends and at night. 


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2023 Internal Medicine Board Review Videos

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